The Dogma brewery, in partnership with Clube do Malte, has created the Lovers Club, a beer subscription service that provides access to special and exclusive labels. Subscribers enjoy early releases, unique experiences, and carefully selected choices delivered directly to their homes.

In the creative aspect, we opted to introduce 8 distinct colors for each illustration, releasing two label colors monthly. In each illustration edition, we incorporate a cyberpunk-themed skull, a popular choice in beers distributed by Dogma.

The first illustration created was the skull, already used in one of Dogma's most famous labels, HopLover, followed by the tiger skull, and the last one created was the orangutan skull, an animal theme featured in one of the labels from the series "The Hop Is In The Head" by Dogma.​​​​​​​

This project will be updated whenever a color cycle is completed.
The next illustration will be of an elephant skull.

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